How does the team function work?

If you are in a pair, quad or larger team, only one of you will be on the trail at any one time. The timing chip, which logs the laps and associated times, will be handed between the team members and carried by the person who is running.
There are no restrictions on how you share the running between your team, so stronger runners can shoulder more laps - whatever fits with your team strategy!


Friday 18th June 2021

16:00 Arrive on site anytime from 16:00hrs.

19:00 – 22:00 Registration open (both 12hr and 24hr races)

Saturday 19th June 2021

07:00 – 09:00 Registration open (both 12hr and 24hr races)

09:30 Mandatory 24hr race briefing at start line

10:00 24hr race start

19:00 – 21:00 Registration open (12hr race only)

21:00 Mandatory 12hr race briefing at start line

22:00 12hr race start

Sunday 21st June 2021

10:00 Race finish!

11:00 Prize giving for all runners in the conference centre (same place as registration)


About the course

The route is completely off road and nicely varied with a mixture of single and double width gravel, grass, dirt and moorland paths. It starts at the event base and follows grassy paths around the loch before heading south through the open moorland with fantastic views of Kerloch Hill.

The high point of the course is reached about half way (total ascent per lap is 100m) and the self-service water station is just beyond this point where you join a large land rover track. The route follows the land rover track for approximately 300m before heading west, great views of Scolty Hill, around a cow field (don’t worry, the cows will be on the other side of a fence).

There should be plenty of encouragement on the final section: this takes you alongside the camping area and through a beautiful woodland, which will be illuminated at night. You then run through the event base back to the start/finish. There are a few narrow bridges on the course but generally there is loads of space for overtaking.

Race Rules

Race Rules

Knockburn Loch will be open to the public for the duration of the event, so please be courteous all other staff and customers.

Solo runners must be 20+ years old on the day of the event.

Pairs, quads and teams must be 18+ years old on the day of the event.

Pairs, quads and teams run as a RELAY. Only one runner from each team can be on the course at any time.

No support runners/pacers.

Timing chips can only be passed to teammates in the transition area just beyond the start/finish line.

Only completed laps will count.

No dogs on site.

Online Registration


Registration (entry) and payment is online via Sport Ident only. No new registrations on event day.

On event day you must go to registration to receive your SiEntries timing chip and show official photo ID (e.g. passport, driving licence etc.).

You do NOT need to bring a printout of you SiEntries confirmation email.


We don't issue refunds, but you can arrange to give your place to someone else.

We do not accept substitutions in the last week before the event.

Please click here to find out how to give your entry to a friend - it's the very last tab on the page "Making Entries, Memberships and Purchases" and then pick the final bullet point "Passing your Entry to Someone Else (Substitution)".

Giving your place to someone else

You can give your place to someone else.

We do not accept substitutions in the last week before the event.

Please click here to find out how to give your entry to a friend.

Registration cut-off date

You must be registered and have finalised any substitutions and team changes 1 week before the event (by the evening of 13th June 2021).

Click here to edit your entry.


You will receive a confirmation email from Sport Ident about your registration.

You do NOT have to bring this to registration at the event, but you must bring photo ID.

Changing your details after registration

You can change your details until two weeks before the event (the evening of 7 June) - to do this, log into your Sport Ident account.

Not receiving emails?

We’re sorry you aren’t receiving our emails. We’ll make sure this is corrected as soon as possible. Please check your spam folder, and if our emails aren’t there then please contact us and we’ll resend any information you may have missed.

Please check your spam or junk folders!

Race Registration

Documents you MUST bring (please read)

  • PDF ticket printout (was sent in your confirmation email; can also be downloaded anytime from your Sport Ident account) or show your ticket digitally on your phone
  • Photo ID – e.g. passport, driving licence or similar​
Exact details on how to register at the event will be emailed to you shortly before.


What the cost includes

Coaster Medal (you can turn your coaster into a medal with Nutscene's fabulous coloured jute twine at the 'Make your Medal' station)

Electronic timing

Free parking at the event base

Free camping (and use of the facilities) at the event base

Free professional photographs, if we capture you (available on Facebook after event)

Medical support and professional first aid

24-hour access to the quiet room and the music room

Self-service water station en route

What the fee is spent on

Our aim is to provide you with only the best services, safety cover and event experience. We very much hope you find it good value and that you will want to come back every year! We always welcome your feedback on this.

Here are some of the things the fee covers:

Atmospheric lighting, van and trailer transport, insurance, first-aid and paramedic cover, water and food stations, licensing and stakeholder liaison, online ticketing system, route marking and signage, professional event staff, venue hire, facilities hire, vehicle hire, car parking hire, sound system hire, timing system hire, event photography, post-event clean-up, event insurance, cancellation insurance.


We don't issue refunds, but you can arrange to give your place to someone else.

We do not accept swaps in the last week before the event.

Please click here to find out how to give your entry to a friend - it's the very last tab on the page "Making Entries, Memberships and Purchases" and then pick the final bullet point "Passing your Entry to Someone Else (Substitution)".

Ticket prices

Saltire 24
Solo (per person) £75
Pair (per team) £140
Quad (per team) £280
Unlimited Team (per person) £65
Saltire 12
Solo (per person) £65
Pair (per team) £125
Quad (per team) £250
Unlimited Team (per person) £55


Raise money for Chest Heart Stroke Scotland

Find out easy ways to raise money for Chest Heart Stroke Scotland here.

Athlete Guidebook

Guidebook - downloadable file to follow soon

Click here for essential and recommended equipment.

See our blog for some excellent training tips.


If you feel unwell or become injured at any point during the build-up to the event, stop and get medical advice immediately. Once you have the all-clear from your doctor to return to training remember that you CANNOT catch up on what you may have missed by training to excess.

Return to exercise slowly and build up your distance gradually. We wish you a speedy return to health and wellbeing! Happy trails.

Eating and Drinking

Make sure your body is well fuelled before you start the event have a small snack and drink 30 minutes before you start – energy drink, banana etc.

Remember to eat and drink at regular intervals throughout the event (you must stay fuelled for your body to work at optimum efficiency).

There is a fuelling station at the start/finish area of the course and a self-service water station at the halfway point.

There will be a range of caterers available at the event base for you to purchase hot meals snacks and drinks.


Car Parking

Free parking is available on site. When you arrive you will be directed into the car parking field. Please park where our staff indicate. If you're bringing a campervan please tick the relevant box during the registration process, or if you've only decided to do so later please let us know at least 2 weeks before the event, so we can issue your vehicle pass postcard.


Onsite Facilities

Knockburn Loch is an outdoor adventure sports facility with onsite coffee shop, conference centre, heated shower/changing rooms and indoor toilets.

There will also be event caterers and additional portaloos onsite.


Camping - tents, campervans, caravans

Free camping with tents is available on the football pitch at Knockburn Loch. The course runs beside the camping area - great for cheering on your friends/teammates. There are hot showers and toilet facilities on-site, just minutes from the camping area.

No generators allowed on-site except those used by the race organisers.

No campfires or BBQs are allowed on site for safety reasons. Bring a camping stove if you want to make your own food and drink.

Please put all your rubbish in the bins provided. Recycling bins will also be provided.

Campervans and caravans are welcome but there is a £10 charge. If you plan to bring one please indicate this when you register online for the event; you will be sent a vehicle pass postcard which you must display in your windscreen to gain access to the site. Parking for campervans and caravans will be on the hardstanding near the Knockburn buildings.

There is NO hook-up available.

If you've only decided later to bring a campervan or caravan, please let us know at least 2 weeks before the event so we can issue your vehicle pass.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Water, bananas and a snack will be available to runners at the start/finish area but we recommend you bring your own energy drinks/gels/bars etc. as you know what you like and what your stomach can handle! We are a plastic free event and will provide compostable cups at our water stations, but would encourage as many runners as possible to bring their own reusable cup.

There will be a table under a gazebo in the start/finish area where runners can leave their own supplies. This will primarily be for unsupported solo runners and these items will be left at your own risk.

No hot food is provided.

There will be event caterers on-site, offering a choice of hot meals including vegetarian and vegan options (please check back later for more details). The Knockburn coffee shop will also be open for business as usual, proudly serving Caber Coffee, and there will be an additional coffee van on-site for the duration of the event.

A bar serving soft drinks and alcohol will be available in the Knockburn Conference Centre, which will be used for registration and music/socialising.

You are welcome to bring your own alcohol but please remember to drink responsibly and respect other participants and staff.

Race Timing

Race Timing

The event is timed with electronic timing chips. These will record the number of laps you complete. Only completed laps will count.

For all runners - except solos - the chip will have to be passed on to your teammate. This can only take place at the transition area just beyond the start/finish line.

Race Results

Race Results

Race results will be available as soon as possible after the event has finished.

Timing updates will be issued during the event.

The prize giving will take place as soon as possible after the event has finished; the expected time of prize giving is 1100hrs on Sunday morning.



Unique eco-friendly locally made prizes + gear from sponsors


  • Fastest male lap

  • Fastest female lap

  • Solo Male 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Solo Female 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Male Pair 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Female Pair 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Mixed Pair 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Male Quad 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Female Quad 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Mixed Quad 1st, 2nd and 3rd

  • Unlimited Team – 1st

A unique memento will be presented to anyone who achieves the magic 100 miles (24 laps) in the 24hour race or 100 km (15 laps) in the 12hour race.


Support crew

You are welcome to bring a support crew with you to provide assistance with food / drinks / kit / motivation etc.


Spectators are welcome and will be able to come and go as they please.


Children are welcome to accompany spectators at our events but please make sure they are supervised by an adult at all times.


Sorry, please leave the mutts at home. Dogs are not allowed at Knockburn Loch.

Photos & Media

Event photographs

Professional photographers will be snapping away throughout the event. Pictures will be available online after the event on our Facebook and Instagram pages – they are free to download for personal use only. We can’t guarantee to get a shot of everyone but we’ll do our best!

Taking your own photos

You are very welcome to take images of the event, but to protect the interest and viability of the professional photography team please do not offer to sell them online or through any other means.

Press & Media

We welcome all media coverage. Please contact us for more information.


Event T&C's - preamble

During online registration you agree and consent to the following event terms and conditions by ticking a box:

Your entry to and participation of your selected event (‘the Event’ or ‘Saltire 24’) is provided to you by Firetrail Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Acts (Registered No. SC594765) and having its Registered Office at 17 Balnagowan Drive, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB34 5GT (‘us’, ‘our’ or ‘we’), subject to these terms and conditions. References to the Event include all aspects of the Event organised by us including access, parking, the venue and the activity. By entering and participating in the Event you understand and accept the following terms and conditions:

Event T&C's - Nature of the Event, Risks and Your Responsibilities

- You knowingly and freely assume and accept all such risks, both known and unknown, and take full responsibility for your participation in all elements of the Event. You have familiarised yourself with the information about the Event shown on our website and in the description below.

- The Event is designed to be challenging and participants’ resilience, fitness and mental toughness will be tested. You can run solo, in a pair, a quad or as part of an unlimited team. The objective is to complete as many laps as possible in the given time.

- The Event will typically be held in challenging outdoor environments that might include: extreme cold/heat; adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, fog and humidity; demand significant and prolonged physical effort; and involve an inherent risk of contact with hazardous flora and fauna. The Event is a hazardous activity that presents a significant physical and mental challenge to all participants.

- You acknowledge, accept and understand that the route, trails, paths and all terrain involved in the Event are physically and mentally challenging and hazardous, and due to the nature of the Event, there is an inherent risk of acute illness, injury or even death.

- You understand that hazards within the Event may be magnified due to the fact that the Event is often conducted under what may be extreme conditions and circumstances.

- You recognise the inherent risks associated with the Event and consider yourself physically and mentally able to take part in the Event.

- You are responsible for your own safety throughout the entire Event and you are taking part in the Event entirely at your own risk.

- You will adhere to any instructions given to you by the organisers, officials and marshals before, during and after the Event, and we may stop you from taking part in the Event at any time.

- You agree to (i) behave appropriately at all times; (ii) act respectfully towards all people, equipment, the environment, property and facilities; and (iii) participate in the Event with a cooperative and positive attitude.

- You will notify the organisers, officials and marshals as soon as possible if you believe or become aware that any aspects of the Event route, facilities or equipment are unsafe or pose unreasonable risks to yourself or others.

- You accept full and sole responsibility for the condition and adequacy of all personal equipment that you bring to or use at the Event.

Event T&C's - Payment, Entry and Registration Pre-Conditions and Liabilities

- For safety reasons all participants MUST bring official photo ID to event registration. Acceptable forms of ID include passport, driving licence, firearms licence or other forms of official photo ID.

- For solo runners, you will be at least 20 years of age on the date of the Event

- For all runners who are part of a team you will be at least 18 years of age on the date of the Event.

- Your entry fee paid to Firetrail Ltd is non-refundable.

- Your entry is not secured until the Event entry fee is received by us.

- We are not responsible for loss of or damage to property or for any additional costs you may incur in connection with the Event.

- You will pay us and any persons or organisations acting on our behalf for any damages, loss or costs caused by any of your negligent or destructive behaviour during the Event.

- We reserve the right to cancel or close down the Event if we consider there is an unacceptable risk to the participants, our staff or the general public. In this highly unlikely happening (e.g. extreme weather) we will do our utmost to reorganise the Event for another date but cannot guarantee a replacement, and we will not be able to refund the entry fee or any other costs associated with the Event.

- You must register on the date and time as specified by the Event Organiser.

- Participants must display their timing chip and race number provided at Registration at all times.

- The Event has insurance cover; however, we recommend that participants have appropriate insurance cover for their personal health, equipment and event cancellation.

- If you wish cover for personal injury you must make your own arrangements.

- Each participant accepts full responsibility for any fees or costs incurred or arising from the need for repatriation within or outwith the UK.

Event T&C's - Event Equipment

- Firetrail Ltd reserve the right to refuse entry to the Event to anyone with inappropriate equipment or clothing.

Event T&C's - Rules of the Race

- You will not give your Event entry to anyone else, pretend to be anyone else or swap any participant identification methods during the Event.

- You must follow the instructions provided by Event Officials, Marshals and Event Organisers at all times.

- All volunteers and staff involved in the Event will be clearly identifiable. It is the responsibility of each participant to take the correct course.

- If you see anyone who requires additional help or medical assistance you will help to the best of your ability and report the situation to an Event marshal as soon as possible.

- You must not deviate from the official Event route, which will have directional signage throughout.

- The marking of the route does not necessarily indicate that the trail or path is free from hazards and the participant is deemed to make their own decision about whether it is safe for them to proceed.

- Firetrail Ltd insist that you use the route shown. If you choose a different route you do so entirely at your own risk.

- Firetrail Ltd reserve the right to shorten or alter the published routes at any time.

- If you retire from the Event or leave your route at any point you will inform the nearest marshal or staff member as soon as possible and follow their directions as to the safest return route to the start/finish area where you must inform Event HQ of your retirement and return your electronic timing chip.

- The Event Organiser will make every effort to provide participants with a race time but is not responsible for any electronic timing issues.

Medical disclaimer

During online registration you agree and consent to the following medical disclaimer by ticking a box:

- You understand and acknowledge that participation in the Event may cause injury or injuries that may be categorised as minor, serious or catastrophic (see below).

- Minor injuries are common and may include but are not limited to: scrapes, bruises, sprains, nausea and cuts.

- Serious injuries are less common but do sometimes occur. They include but are not limited to: property loss or damage, broken bones, torn ligaments, concussion, exposure, cold- or heat-related illness, mental stress or exhaustion and infection.

- Catastrophic injuries are rare; however, we feel that our participants should be aware of the possibility. These injuries can include permanent disabilities, spinal injuries and paralysis, stroke, heart attack and even death.

- In the event of an accident or illness whilst taking part in this event, you hereby give permission to our staff and contracted first aiders to initiate first-aid treatment, any necessary medical transportation and to inform your next of kin.

- You understand that you are taking part in the Event in a remote and rural location at night where there may be a longer medical response time in the event of emergency.

- You agree to take part in this Event at your own risk and you will not hold us or our contractors responsible in the event of acute illness, injury or death.

- You have submitted true and accurate information of your medical history and present condition that may affect your participation or medical treatment in any part of the Event.

- You will inform us if any medical conditions have changed between submitting this information and the Event happening.

- We strongly recommend that you get personal health insurance for the Event.

- We will hire professional contractors to provide first-aid assistance who will have their own insurance. We take no responsibility for the actions of contracted services involved in the Event.

- We strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before undertaking any strenuous exercise, training programme or participating in the Event.

- Throughout the Event, you acknowledge and accept that you may be checked for suitability to continue on grounds of capability based on your state of health. If any of the marshals and medical staff believe that your safety is compromised by continuing to participate, they reserve the right to ask you to stop. If you continue in the Event you will no longer be officially participating in the Event and we take no further responsibility for your participation.

Data Disclaimer

When purchasing a Saltire 24 ticket you agree and consent to the following terms and conditions by ticking a box during the online registration process:

We at Firetrail Ltd will use your data to provide you with important and relevant information regarding the event and provide the services and experiences that are fundamental to your well-informed, safe and enjoyable participation, before, during and after the event.

Medical/first aid: You consent to your personal information being provided to professional first aid and safety providers who perform vital safety services on our behalf. This includes the emergency services, professional first aid provider Avium Ltd and our own staff at Firetrail Ltd. The information provided to these companies will only be such information that is strictly required for performing their service. In particular, you specifically acknowledge the necessity for us to provide those engaged in providing first aid and marshalling services with the medical information that you provide to us in order to ensure your welfare during the Event.

Images and video for marketing purposes: Official event photographers, film makers and drone film makers/photographers will be present at the event and may capture you. These images and video may be used on our official event websites: www.saltire24.co.uk, and by our event partners or on online event listings, blogs, newspaper articles and other forms of public marketing or news channels online or print media to promote the event. We will never link, identify, disclose or match your name to an image or film you may be present in. If you see your image on any of our official media channels we control you can request they are removed by emailing: info@firetrailevents.co.uk

We may share your data with our third party administration, marketing & PR contractors to perform communications, market research and reporting for us that are relevant to the event. This may include things like age or general location demographics but will never individually identify you. We may also use data profiling to ensure that you receive tailored communications in the future.

We will share your relevant data with our chosen race timing service provider so they can provide you with a personalised race timing service at the event. The information provided to this company will only be such information that is strictly required for performing their service.

Right to Access: At any time you can request details of the information we hold on you and request to be provided with electronic copies of that data. We can also show you where data is being securely stored and what it is being used for. You can make this request by emailing: info@firetrailevents.co.uk

Right to be Forgotten: You may request access to, change or delete personal data held by us at any time. At any time you can request us to delete your personal data from our database and also stop sharing it with third parties (charity partner), who are then obligated to stop processing it. You can make this request by emailing: info@firetrailevents.co.uk

Right to Complain: We work hard to protect your data and only process it to provide you with the service you have consented to. If you have concerns, please contact us at and we’ll respond. If you wish to make a complaint about our information rights practices you may do so directly to the Information Commissioners Office here: https://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/

Data Portability: Upon request, we can provide you with your personal data in a “commonly used machine-readable format”. You can make this request by emailing: info@firetrailevents.co.uk

Data Retention period: We store personal data for 7 years from the date of your last consent/participation at the event. After this period your data will be permanently deleted unless you state otherwise.

Eco Policy

Environmental Impact

We take the view that everything we do has an impact on the environment. Our aim is to reduce any negative impact of this event as much as possible whilst promoting responsible use of the natural environment.

We supply recycling and general refuse bins at the event base and at the water station on route.

Our caterers must use compostable food and drink receptacles and we do not allow drinks in plastic bottles to be sold at our events.

We have stopped using nylon, plastic and metal composite medals and now issue a wooden coaster with the option to turn it into a medal by using a colourful biodegradable and environmentally sustainable jute twine made in the Scotland.

Please help us by depositing your rubbish in the bins provided.

We action a thorough post-event route litter check to ensure any litter on route or at the event base is removed.

We operate a leave-no-trace policy.

We reduce the carbon footprint of our company by cycling whenever possible.

We use tele and web conferencing, limit our use of print media, and ensure we buy re-usable event materials whenever possible.

You can help us by car sharing. Visit Sustainable Transport Scotland and do your bit - SUSTRANS


Is the race safe?

Due to the nature of the event, the exposed route, terrain and location there is an inherent risk to your wellbeing. Whilst it is impossible to guarantee your safety, we do consider it paramount.

Detailed arrangements will be in place to ensure everyone enjoys an adventurous and challenging experience. Professional event staff and first-aid providers will be located at intervals around the course (please read our Terms and Conditions and Medical Disclaimer - see T&C's for this).

What happens if I can't complete a lap?

If you feel you are unable to complete the course please inform one of our marshals and they, or a support vehicle, will assist you.

However, you should expect to be self-sufficient around the course and prepared for bad weather and other challenges! (Please let us know of any medical issues).


If you need medication please carry it with you around the course and ensure you have declared this on your registration form. If you have further questions regarding the event please contact us.



Knockburn Loch, Strachan, Aberdeenshire, AB31 6LL. See map.