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What to Eat During Saltire 12 / 24

This topic comes up regularly when talking about running endurance events. With that in mind we've put together some top tips for food prep for Saltire 12 & 24. This includes thinking about what food selection you want to have, what you're going to look forward to at 2am halfway through your 12th lap and how to replace electrolytes.

Have a Variety of Choices

After 10 miles you might be fancying some mixed nuts and dark chocolate and after 11 miles your stomach might be calling for Mac n Cheese! You never know what cravings are going to come for you, especially in your darkest hours. Have tastes that can satisfy all needs.

Have Quick & Easy Hot Food Options

You can’t go wrong with an emergency supply of Super Noodles, Cups of Soup, Pot Noodles etc. Something that just needs a bit of boiling water and takes minimal effort. Whether it’s your support crew making it for you at 3am or you’re doing it yourself, something quick is always appreciated.

Take Small, Easy to Carry Snacks

Take small snacks that are easy to add to your running belt / fit in your pocket around the route with you. You won’t always want to take time out to have a hot meal so small snacks that you can eat on the go come in handy. Mini cheeses, protein bars, sweets etc. Things that don’t take up much space.

Little & Often

You’re not always going to be hungry or feel like eating but your calorie output is going to be huge so it’s important that you replenish your body. Even when you don’t feel like eating try and have something small to keep energy up.

Gels and energy drinks

These can be a real life saver during endurance events. Try out some different brands during your training and see what suits you and your body best. Some runners like to feast on gels regularly and others save it for when they are in a really low mental state to try and give them a boost. Everyone is different so just do what works for you.

Have a Home Cooked Dish

I don't know what it is about home cooking but it always seems to taste better than shop bought. It's nice to eat something that you or someone you know has made. My go to is an easy pasta dish where I throw in some pesto, sun dried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts. Let it cool, pop it in some Tupperware and usually end up eating it cold around dinner time. It's always a real treat.

Replace Electrolytes

When you sweat you're losing electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium. It's important to replace these. You can do it naturally through foods like bananas, lentils, avocados, soya beans, milk, tomatoes. Alternatively, there are loads of sports drinks that can replace electrolytes too. Bear this in mind when you're doing your pre event shop!


Drink to thirst. There are a couple of self service water stations on the Saltire route so you can leave your bottles there and drink when you pass.

There's a few top tips for you to think about when it come to the food shop before race day!

The important thing to remember is everyone is different so try out a few different things while you're training and see what sits best with your belly.

Happy training!

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